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We like to cast technological magic upon gamers. Be it with retro spells, or modern wizardry - cleared for space, or underground in a planet's core.

The Space Mages story

Lorem ipsum haha, did you really fall for that. No there's a real story, it's simply not as glamorous or child safe to write it down in public.

Why play our games?

We seriously don't know, maybe you shouldn't. We make them for us, and then we force people to play them. Not like chinese sweatshops, no you silly. More like dungeon keepers.

Space Mages Since 2015

Our brains go as far back as 1983, and for some reason this is reflected in the same way in the new age. Years later our IQs will be measured in single digits.

Space Mages produce games from our childhood. Long forgotten jewels simmering in our deep underdeveloped inner brain circuits. We violently bring them out and pasterize them over our monitor screens with thoughts manifested in lines of gibberish.

Should you become engulfed in one of our games, we are truly sorry, as with all life choices there's no deeper meaning. Enjoy the fish.

Our specialities? Hah.

Mars Colonies

Where it all started... on Mars.

It's really fun, isn't it

Colonizing Mars... it's a fun idea. Provided there's enough Oxygen, Food, Power... no Pirates... etc... Well, it sounds really fun...


Mars Colonies was created as a hommage to old RTS games such as Dune 2 and Settlers. In a good old retro look, and without direct control over your settlers it combined RTS elements with high-ground Strategy.


Mars Colonies was officially released to NewGrounds first, and then as part of a bigger beta package to Facebook.

It's Free to Play, and you don't need to pay us anything, anywhere. Enjoy.

Play on Facebook

Dood : The Puzzle Planet

The magic power of a whole planet is in the players hands... once he discovers Dood. The Planet of... Puzzles?


Engage in tons of hand-crafted puzzles to help a mysterious cat on the path through Dood. This is not yet another Match-3 game. This is a unique puzzle.


Roots in Dood stem for a planned continuation of the "Little Stars for Little Wars" series. 3 weeks into developement the question came up with "What if it wouldn't be real-time? And neither on stars. And neither with the same logic?" Yes, well... game designers always need to question everything for some reason.


The game is free to play, and free to beat! For the impatient ones there might be some in-app opportunities to speed things up. For the perserverent there should be enough opportunities to beat the game and beat their friends scores!

Enjoy Dood: The Puzzle Planet on your Android Device.

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